About us
In 2010, one of the few who believed in the future of cryptocurrencies was the head and chief investor Grand Choice Paul Sorokin.

Investing almost everything he had in bitcoin, he secured his future! But a true investor gets less pleasure from money than from victories. Paul continued to invest in various assets and multiply his capital, but at one point he realized that brokers were more willing to work with investors who were investing impressive capitals. This allows them to earn good commissions, while ordinary people often become victims of pseudo-markets, which only copy the work of brokers whose goal is only the clients money. This capitalist injustice deprived Paul of normal sleep for many months.

In 2016, Paul decided to create his own hedge fund, aimed not at the volume of investments, but at their quantity. A team of specialists was assembled and March 8, 2016 is the opening day of Grand Choice.

The focus of the company are people who previously had no access to the global financial markets, had no access to high-quality information and really safe methods of moving money! The fund trades in the market with its own investments, but also provides high-quality analytics and training to thousands of its customers, the geography of which extends to the entire globe! In the lobby of the main company office is the slogan: Fight, seek, find and do not give up!
Why GrandChoice is so in demand on the market
Convenient and innovative platform
  • More than 50 assets for flexible and high-quality trading
  • More than 10 additional modules for easy trading and forecasting
  • Professional fundamental and technical analysis
  • Fast execution and instant navigation
Excellent localization
  • More than 10 available languages for full use of the terminal
  • Trade from anywhere in the world
  • More than 20 international and world awards
  • Access to all payment systems and local replenishments
Qualified support
  • 24-hour technical support service
  • Resolving work issues for premium customers out of turn
  • Quick answers by phone and email
  • Assistance with deposit/withdrawal operations
GrandChoice provides high-quality services
for your development
The main goal is safety
The company aims to keep your trading accounts safe at all times
We focus on each client
The problems and needs of our customers are always a priority for us
Friendship and mutual respect
We treat each of you with the utmost respect and friendship
Innovative terminal and services
We do not stand still, our programmers and other employees are always working on the implementation of innovative technology in our services
Our client base is our pride
Our clients are not only ordinary investors, but also world-renowned legal entities
Thanks to our transparent cooperation and friendly attitude towards our customers, we have been able to gain a huge client base all over the world.

We always strive for the best and constantly improve our work
78% Individuals
22% Legal entities
88% Of customers stay with us after registration